Process for sending custom orders by e-mail


To place custom commands, perform the following three important steps:

  1. Email detailed application information to required information includes:
  • Vector logo (AI or EPS) (we cannot copy copyright logo) JPEG photos can only be used for ship logo, However, if the image is not clear or needs to be changed, it may be rejected) the sent logo or image will be used for personalization.
  • Description of sign location.
  • Custom type: embroidery or printing (we can help you by suggesting custom types related to some items)
  • Information about the item to be customized (size, quantity, model, clothing style or product...)
  • If you need embroidery with name, please provide a detailed list of name and size.

**Please note that all orders (external items) you wish to customize and send to us must be linked to an email containing your order details. Your article must be accompanied by a piece of paper with your information on it in order to identify them.


  1. Approve a confirmation email, compilation, or example by carefully examining the details of this email (this confirmation cannot be changed. If your error has been approved, there will be no refund or refund)
  1. Provide a deposit and pay digitization or digitization fees where appropriate.-Yes. The deposit and digitization or digitization fee must be paid before processing and cannot be refunded. In addition, all orders must be paid in advance.


**Please note that orders for printing, embroidery and promotional items will be processed separately from invoices.

**Custom commands must be emailed to better track conversations. For orders Emergency only, call 1-506-344-2344 to speed up the process or resolve any important issues. (please note that written confirmation is required whether by email or signing our order. We will reply to your email within 48 hours (business hours), and we may not be able to process your order in a short time.